Document Workflows in Healthcare with PSPDFKit for Web

Unveil the transformative potential of our PSPDFKit for Web SDKs in the healthcare industry: powerful document and form editing capabilities, seamless PDF generation, OCR, eSignatures, and much more.

In a 45-minute webinar, we’ll highlight our key features and demonstrate how to apply them in typical use cases, such as patient intake processes and insurance claims. Explore the practical implications of these functionalities and see how they can revolutionize your healthcare workflows. The final part of the webinar will be for addressing your questions.

You’ll learn how to
  • Quickly convert HTML forms into PDFs with our on-the-fly PDF generation.
  • Optimize form submissions with the help of Form Creator and eSignatures.
  • Improve accessibility and compliance by implementing OCR.
  • Securely handle sensitive patient information by employing our redaction tool.
  • Enhance team collaboration by leveraging Comments and Replies.
  • Reliably archive PDF documents to PDF/A format for document preservation and compliance.

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Pavel Bogachevskyi Product Marketing Manager

Pavel is a passionate marketing professional dedicated to effectively communicating product values to customers. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy, which brings a unique perspective to his work. In his downtime, Pavel enjoys indulging in his love for rum.

Miguel Calderón Web Team Lead

As part of the Web team, Miguel loves finding new challenges and trying to determine what the newest technologies can do to improve our product. Writing fiction, reading, and traveling are his passions the rest of the time.

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