Official Launch: PSPDFKit’s SharePoint Online Integration

Discover how you can unlock new document workflows in your SharePoint environment with PSPDFKit for SharePoint. Guillermo Peralta Scura — one of the engineers who built the product — will provide you with an overview of our SharePoint Online PDF integration. He’ll go over some common PDF viewing and editing use cases that can be made available to your SharePoint Online instance.

In the demo, you’ll see how you can:
  • A quick overview of our SharePoint Online integration
  • How you can view and annotate PDFs in SharePoint
  • Permanently redacting sensitive information from a document
  • Answering technical and non-technical questions

Watch the Recording


Guillermo Peralta Scura Web Engineer, Frontend

Guillermo, a committed Web engineer, excels at enhancing digital experiences. Having explored numerous technologies, he discovered his passion in web development, dedicating his career to it. He's particularly interested in web accessibility and performance, consistently striving for a user-friendly web experience.

Miguel Calderón Web Team Lead

As part of the Web team, Miguel loves finding new challenges and trying to determine what the newest technologies can do to improve our product. Writing fiction, reading, and traveling are his passions the rest of the time.

Balázs Molnár Muhimbi SharePoint and Windows Engineer

As part of the Windows and SharePoint team, Balazs loves to solve challenging problems and finds great pleasure in helping others. He loves his family and relaxes by building things. He’s as good with a hammer and saw as he is with a keyboard and mouse.

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