Official Launch: PSPDFKit’s Content Editor


Learn how you can now enable PDF text editing directly in your app or workflow with the latest release of PSPDFKit for Web. In this 30-minute live webinar, Guillermo Peralta Scura — one of the engineers who built the product — will walk you through how the new Content Editor works. We’ll also have someone from our Product team discuss future plans for this product and answer any questions you may have.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to edit text in a PDF with the new Content Editor
  • What’s available in this first version of the Content Editor product
  • How you can enable the Content Editor in the PSPDFKit UI
  • Future plans for our Content Editor

Watch the Recording


Guillermo Peralta Scura Web Engineer, Frontend

Guillermo, a committed Web engineer, excels at enhancing digital experiences. Having explored numerous technologies, he discovered his passion in web development, dedicating his career to it. He's particularly interested in web accessibility and performance, consistently striving for a user-friendly web experience.

Miloš Đekić Vice President, Product Management

Miloš thrives on cultivating exceptional value and memorable experiences in the realm of software and digital content. As a thought leader in SaaS, product development, leadership, organization, and personal growth, he is driven by the pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement.

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