PDF.js vs. PSPDFKit

Explore PSPDFKit's edge in advanced features, wider file compatibility, reliable text management, superior rendering, and easy custom functionality — a robust and efficient solution that clearly outshines PDF.js.

PDF.js Key Flaws

Annotation Limitations

Lacks support for advanced annotations, page manipulation, redaction, eSignatures, and pinch-to-zoom for mobile.

Third-Party Dependence

Requires third-party applications for converting and viewing MS Office documents, TXT files, and images.

Selection Inconsistencies

Inconsistent text selection due to missing or incorrect text bounding boxes, resulting in spacing issues and missing words.

Compliance Challenges

Faces challenges in complying with standards like 508/ADA due to unreliable text extraction.

Quality Concerns

May deliver blurry outputs and inaccurate printing, with issues in color fidelity when rendering canvases.

Update Disruptions

Requires regular support and monitoring, potentially disrupting your custom features due to frequent open source community updates.

What Makes PSPDFKit the Best PDF.js Alternative?

Extended Functionality and Format Compatibility

PSPDFKit offers advanced features, such as annotations and page manipulation, outpacing the display-only capability of PDF.js. Plus, PSPDFKit’s broad file format compatibility negates the need for third-party conversion applications.

Reliable Text Management and Accessibility Compliance

With PSPDFKit, text selection is precise, ensuring reliable text management and compliance with accessibility standards like 508/ADA — a clear edge over the inconsistent text handling in PDF.js.

High-Quality Rendering and Printing

Unlike PDF.js, which can yield blurry outputs and color fidelity issues, PSPDFKit guarantees high-quality, clear outputs and accurate color representation, ensuring excellent viewing and printing results.

Simplified Custom Functionality

PSPDFKit streamlines the implementation and maintenance of custom features, offering a smoother workflow compared to the potential disruptions and extra upkeep required with PDF.js.

PDF.js vs. PSPDFKit at a Glance

PSPDFKit not only encompasses all the features of PDF.js, but it offers much more. The following comparison table highlights the key features that PDF.js lacks.

Experience Unmatched Efficiency with PSPDFKit’s Powerful AI Suite

PSPDFKit offers a potent suite of proprietary AI tools for sophisticated workflows, surpassing the capabilities of PDF.js and other competitors.

KVP Extraction

Key-value pair extraction for labeled information in unstructured and semi-structured documents.

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Smart Redaction

Smart redaction engine that uses AI to identify and remove sensitive data from documents.

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Table Extraction

Table extraction engine to extract data from scanned and low-quality documents.

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Read and write barcodes from various image formats, recognize orientation, and provide string values and bounding boxes.

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When It Comes to Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability, PSPDFKit Is #1

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