PDF.js Express vs. PSPDFKit

Benefit from PSPDFKit’s frequent updates and unparalleled control over documents and data, along with versatile file support for web apps. Our transparent terms and solid customer support promise a reliable, no-upsell experience.

PDF.js Express Key Flaws


PDF.js Express requires a paid REST API for flattening annotations, leading to unexpected additional costs.

Basic Feature Set

The platform falls short on providing features that go beyond elementary PDF workflows and applications.

Mobile Performance

Performance may lag, particularly on mobile devices.

No Technical Support

There’s no obligation for PDF.js Express to offer technical support, with all requests being directed to a community forum.

Product Support Uncertainty

Customers may encounter uncertainty over the long-term support for PDF.js Express by its parent company, Apryse.

Upselling Tactic

Apryse uses PDF.js Express as an entry-level tool to upsell its premium flagship products.

What Makes PSPDFKit the Best PDF.js Express Alternative?

Unwavering Development

Unlike PDF.js Express, with its sporadic updates and limited development resources, PSPDFKit boasts a robust team that consistently delivers new features and updates. Our clear product roadmap ensures a reliable, market-aligned experience that truly stands out.

Reliable Support

In contrast to PDF.js Express, which only offers uncertain support via an online forum, PSPDFKit guarantees round-the-clock global customer service. Our team of dedicated support representatives and engineers is always ready to assist you

Versatile Format Support

While PDF.js Express limits your users to PDF formats only, PSPDFKit empowers them to open, view, and edit a variety of file types, including TIFF, JPG, PNG, and Office documents. Expand your possibilities with PSPDFKit.

Unshakeable Trust with PSPDFKit

In stark contrast to PDF.js Express, which reserves the right to terminate user licenses and change user agreements at any time, PSPDFKit believes in stable terms and respecting user autonomy. We won't manipulate clauses to upsell products or use your logo and name without permission.

PDF.js Express vs. PSPDFKit at a Glance

PSPDFKit not only encompasses all the features of PDF.js Express, but it offers much more. The following comparison table highlights the key features that the PDF.js Express SDK lacks.

Experience Unmatched Efficiency with PSPDFKit’s Powerful AI Suite

PSPDFKit offers a potent suite of proprietary AI tools for sophisticated workflows, surpassing the capabilities of PDF.js Express and other competitors.

KVP Extraction

Key-value pair extraction for labeled information in unstructured and semi-structured documents.

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Smart Redaction

Smart redaction engine that uses AI to identify and remove sensitive data from documents.

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Table Extraction

Table extraction engine to extract data from scanned and low-quality documents.

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Read and write barcodes from various image formats, recognize orientation, and provide string values and bounding boxes.

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When It Comes to Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability, PSPDFKit Is #1

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