Document with multiple replies

Document Replies View & Respond to Comments Directly in Documents

Anyone can catch up with the flow of conversation and see exactly which detail is being discussed.

Available On:
Mac Catalyst
React Native
How It Works

Comments and Reviews

In addition to a comment timeline, each reply has a review state to help decision-making processes.

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A Nice Little Chat


View and add comments to a discussion in a document with a vibrant, modern user interface. Now everyone can have their say using their phone or tablet, wherever they are.


The Replies component provides all standard note type icons and colors, which can be set from the style menu.

Review States

Users can leave review states on any comment — for example, to say whether they agree or disagree with a proposed change.


Which One Is for You?

PSPDFKit supports both standard replies and real-time collaboration commenting.

Part of the PDF standard and supported by most PDF viewers
Used in linear workflows, with the document being forwarded from one user to the next
Support for per-comment review states
Does not require a server
Used In
  • Linear review workflows
  • Simple document approval workflows
  • 1-on-1 environments
PSPDFKit-only feature
Used for quickly spawning discussions across documents with many collaborators
Changes are synced in real time, allowing quick turnaround
Documents are stored on the server, and only changes are propagated
Used In
  • Discussion-heavy review workflows
  • Team environments
  • Combination with other Instant components
  • Ideal for large documents

Do More with Documents

Enable your users to do more when you combine Replies with our other components.

Documentation Learn how to easily get Replies up and running in your project.
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