Migrating to Electronic Signatures

This guide covers migrating to the Electronic Signatures component from the older signatures functionality that’s included with the Annotations component with licenses obtained in May 2021 or earlier. The older signatures user interface allows users to sign documents by drawing. Electronic Signatures includes a much-improved user interface that allows users to sign documents by drawing, selecting an image, or typing.

Electronic Signatures is a new component, so ensure your license includes Electronic Signatures. Please contact our Sales team if they haven’t already reached out to you.

If you don’t make API customizations and instead use PSPDFKit’s default signing experience, then there’s no migration needed, and PSPDFKit will automatically use the newer Electronic Signatures UI.

Signatures stored with the older functionality are fully compatible with Electronic Signatures.

Previously, a series of APIs were specific to handling ink signatures. With the introduction of Electronic Signatures, however, we expanded them so that they also support handling image signatures.

  • The GetInkSignaturesAsync and SetInkSignaturesAsync methods in the Controller have been deprecated and renamed to GetStoredSignaturesAsync and SetStoredSignaturesAsync.

  • The InkSignatureToolbarItem class has been deprecated and replaced by SignatureToolbarItem.

Now, by default, signatures entered by the user won’t be saved locally. An IElectronicSignatureStorage must be set in the Controller for saving to be enabled, which will provide a checkbox for the user. You can find more information in our Electronic Signatures storage guide.