Using the Visual Studio Extension

The recommended way of adding the PSPDFKit SDK to your project is to use the PSPDFKit for Windows NuGet package provided in the SDK zip file. However, some customers prefer to use a Visual Studio Extension (VSIX). We provide PSPDFKit for Windows as a VSIX in the SDK zip file. You can install this systemwide and then add a reference to your project.

Please be aware that with VSIX, you can only have one version of the SDK installed at a time.

Installing the VSIX

After making sure Visual Studio is closed, double-click on the installer, PSPDFKit for Windows.vsix. The installer will guide you through the installation process.

Adding PSPDFKit to Your App

In the Solution Explorer, right-click on References for your project and then select Add Reference.

Navigate to Universal Windows > Extensions, and then select both PSPDFKit for UWP and Visual C++ 2015 Runtime for Universal Windows Platform Apps.

Click on OK and you should see the following in your references.