Auto Saving PDFs in UWP

PdfView can handle saving changes to a StorageFile automatically. By default, PdfView’s AutoSave property is set to AutoSaveMode.None and you must manually save changes to the document before loading a new PDF into the view or unloading the PdfView control.

However, by setting AutoSave to AutoSaveMode.Incremental or AutoSaveMode.Rewrite, the PdfView will attempt to save the file before unloading the document or the PdfView control.

// Automatically save changes incrementally.
myPdfView.AutoSave = AutoSaveMode.Incremental;

// Automatically save changes to a rewritten PDF.
myPdfView.AutoSave = AutoSaveMode.Rewrite;

Alternatively, you can also set this property in XAML:


See the Opening and Saving PDFs guide for an explanation of the differences between incremental saving and rewriting.

Export Events

If you require notification of saving, you can subscribe to two event handlers on the PdfView.

OnFileExported is invoked whenever a file has saved successfully, and OnFileExportFailed is invoked if an error has occurred.