What Is a Bundle ID?

Every Windows UWP app requires a unique identity to work. This is a string specified during development, often in the form of com.your-company.app-name, or sometimes as a GUID. This string, the package name, is located in the name attribute of the Identity element in your app’s manifest file.

This file is called Package.appxmanifest, and it is an XML file that contains the properties and settings required to create your app package. Please note that the terms package name and bundle ID are generally used interchangeably.

In Visual Studio, you can edit the package name by double-clicking on the Package.appxmanifest entry in the Solution Explorer. Once open, click on the Packaging tab and you will see the Package name field displayed.

PSPDFKit bases your license on the bundle ID you provide. This has to be an explicit ID, meaning an ID that is unique and does not contain a star (*) value.

Once a bundle ID is registered in the PSPDFKit license portal, it can’t be changed. Please note that these IDs are case sensitive, so make sure you register the correct case variant.

Development and Testing

For development and testing, you can request additional bundle IDs from our license portal. Please ensure you have registered the actual bundle ID beforehand, and that the beta/testing ID is recognizable as such.

Example: If your product is named FaxSender and your company name is OKBX Corporation, then your bundle ID will likely look like this: com.okbx.faxsender. Your testing IDs could be com.okbx.faxsender.dev, com.okbx.faxsender.staging, com.okbx.faxsender.testing, or com.okbx.faxsender.beta.

Note that you can reserve your package name on the Microsoft Store before publishing your app. See here for more details.

We approve these IDs manually and will add them if they match the above scheme. If you have a different scheme, please let us know and we will consider your case.

If you can’t find the Request License Key for Windows Beta Usage link, you either have no license entry (which could mean your payment is open), or you haven’t yet registered your actual bundle ID with your license. Please complete your payment or register your bundle ID, and this request feature will work.