Create or Remove PDF Bookmarks in UWP

When you want to remember a certain page in your document, the easiest way to do this is to add a bookmark.

The current list of bookmarks can be retrieved with GetBookmarksAsync:

var bookmarks = await pdfView.Document.GetBookmarksAsync();

You can create a bookmark with a name and an Action and add it to a page like this:

var createdBookmark = await pdfView.Document.CreateBookmarkAsync(new Bookmark("Page 3", new GoTo(2)));

In the above code, you created a bookmark with the name Page 3, which will be displayed in the bookmarks sidebar, and a GoTo action so that the currently displayed page is changed to the provided page index when the bookmark is clicked on.

The returned Bookmark object has a property Id which is used to identify the bookmark when updating or removing it. For example, using the returned bookmark above, you can update it like this:

createdBookmark.Name = "Page 2";
createdBookmark.Action = new GoTo(1);
await pdfView.Document.UpdateBookmarkAsync(createdBookmark);

Or you can remove it like this:

await pdfView.Document.DeleteBookmarkAsync(createdBookmark.Id);

You can also create a bookmark from Instant JSON:

  "id": "this is ignored",
  "name": "My bookmark",
  "action": {
    "type": "goTo",
    "pageIndex": 2
var bookmarkJson = LoadJsonObjectAsync("bookmark.json");
var createdBookmark = await pdfView.Document.CreateBookmarkAsync(Bookmark.FromJson(bookmarkJson));