Browser Support

PSPDFKit for Web (both the server-backed and standalone deployment options *) supports all commonly used browsers in their latest versions.


* Standalone deployment renders PDF documents in the client browser, so rendering performance will depend on the host machine.

Long-Term Support

The only browser vendor currently supporting an LTS (Long Term Service) / ESR (Extended Support Release) version is Mozilla Firefox. See Firefox Extended Support Release for details.

We support versions 52, 60, and 68 (current) of Firefox ESR.

Google offers Chrome Browser for enterprise to help with managing browser deployment and updates.

All browsers without a long-term service release require regular updates to new versions to fix security vulnerabilities.

Note that some LTS versions of Windows 10 ship without Microsoft Edge. We still support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 for such systems, along with older Windows variants.


  • Chrome on Android
  • Safari on iOS

As all of these browsers auto update, we test with the latest stable release. PSPDFKit for Web generally still works, even if you’re a few versions behind, as we are careful in adopting the latest web features for essential functionality and use polyfills for missing functionality.


PSPDFKit for Web includes the following polyfills to enable next-generation features on our target platforms:


The standalone version of PSPDFKit for Web uses WebAssembly to render documents. Please see our Real-World WebAssembly Benchmark to test the performance of your browser and OS, or learn more in the Performance guide.