Getting the Currently Used Version

If you’re unsure which version of PSPDFKit you’re using, there are ways to find out.

The current way to ask for the framework version at runtime is:

let pspdfVersionString = PSPDFKit.SDK.versionString
NSString *pspdfVersionString = PSPDFKitGlobal.versionString;

Another option is to open PSPDFKit.xcframework or PSPDFKitUI.xcframework. Inside, you’ll find the VERSION file with the version number inside.


It’s necessary to use the same version from the same disk image for both PSPDFKit.xcframework and PSPDFKitUI.xcframework`

Beginning with PSPDFKit 6.6.0 for iOS, the topmost folder in the downloaded disk image has the same name as the version of PSPDFKit in use.