PDF Generation Configuration in React Native

The table below summarizes the available configuration options for generating PDF documents with React Native.

Default Value Description
name optional Name of the created PDF file.
filePath optional Path where the new PDF document will be saved.
override false If a PDF with the same name already exists in the local iOS/Android folder, enabling this option will delete the existing document and generate a new one with the same name.
template blank Document background image pattern. Available options are: blank, dot5mm, grid5mm, lines5mm, and lines7mm.
width 550 Width of the document.
height 750 Height of the document.
pageSize A4 format: {width: 595, height: 842} Document size in width and height.
margins {top: 30, right: 15, bottom: 30, left: 15} Content padding in the document.
rotation 0 Document orientation. Available options are: 0, 90, 180, and 270.
backgroundColor #ffffff Document background color. You can provide many formats for the color attribute: #ffffff, rgb(255,255,255), or blue.
images ['imagePath'] Array of images from which to generate a PDF.
documents ['documentPath', 0] Array of documents and the page indexes from which to generate a PDF.