PSPDFKit 2.9 Migration Guide

This guide covers migrating to PSPDFKit 2.9 for React Native, after a new way was introduced to configure measurements using the MeasurementValueConfiguration object as part of the PSPDFKitView component. This configuration object replaces the old setMeasurementScale and setMeasurementPrecision APIs, which have now been removed.

If you were using the setMeasurementScale and setMeasurementPrecision APIs to set your measurements configuration, this needs to be updated.

For example, this is the old way of setting it:

	unitFrom: 'mm',
	valueFrom: 1.0,
	unitTo: 'mi',
	valueTo: 10.0,


You now need to set above configuration the following way:

const scale: MeasurementScale = {
	unitFrom: Measurements.ScaleUnitFrom.MM,
	valueFrom: 1.0,
	unitTo: Measurements.ScaleUnitTo.MI,
	valueTo: 10.0,

const measurementValueConfig: MeasurementValueConfiguration = {
	name: 'Custom Scale',
	scale: scale,
	precision: Measurements.Precision.FOUR_DP,
	isSelected: true,

const configs = [measurementValueConfig];
await this.pdfRef.current?.setMeasurementValueConfigurations(configs);

The MeasurementValueConfiguration object can also be passed in as part of the Configuration when creating the PSPDFKitView component:

		iOSBackgroundColor: processColor('lightgrey'),
		pageMode: 'single',
		measurementValueConfigurations: [
				name: 'Custom Scale',
				scale: {
					unitFrom: Measurements.ScaleUnitFrom.INCH,
					valueFrom: 1.0,
					unitTo: Measurements.ScaleUnitTo.CM,
					valueTo: 3.0,
				precision: Measurements.Precision.TWO_DP,

For more information, refer to the PSPDFKit 2.9 for React Native changelog.