Adding Instant Comments to PDFs in React Native


Comments require a separate component in your PSPDFKit license. Without this included in your license, your app won’t be able to view, search, or add comments. Please contact our Sales team to add comments to your license.

If you’re a new customer, you can try comments without a license key. If you’re an existing customer, please ask our Sales team for a trial license if you’re interested.


Before continuing, it’s helpful to first define some terminology as it relates to comments:

  • root annotation — This is the annotation to which all the comments in a single thread are linked.

  • comment thread — This is a group of comments with the same root annotation.

  • comment — This is a single comment added by any user.


All comments are linked to their respective root annotations. The comments with the same root annotation are part of a single comment thread. There can be two types of root annotations:

Getting Started

Adding a Comment

Since there are two types of root annotations, there are two ways you can add comments with the user interface.

Note that, at the moment, we don’t support the addition of comments or comment marker annotations using programmatic APIs. This is something that might change in future.

Deleting a Comment

Document Engine currently doesn’t expose any APIs for deleting a comment.


Comment editing isn’t supported in the current version.