PDF Viewer Events

PSPDFKit for React Native allows you to listen to various events that occur when the end user interacts with PSPDFKit.

The following table lists the events supported by PSPDFKit for React Native.

Event Description
onCloseButtonPressed Called when the close button is pressed
onStateChanged Called when the PSPDFKitView’s state changed
onDocumentSaved Called when the document has been successfully saved
onDocumentSaveFailed Called when the document failed to save
onDocumentLoadFailed Called when the document failed to load
onAnnotationTapped Called when the end user tapped on an annotation
onAnnotationsChanged Called when one or more annotations have changed
onNavigationButtonClicked Called when the navigation back button is pressed
onDataReturned Called when the PSPDFKitView returns data

You can also see the list of events in index.js. All events have the “on” prefix.

Implementing an Event Listener

The example below shows how to implement an event listener to get notified when a document is saved:

	onDocumentSaved={(event) => {
		if (event['error']) {
		} else {
			alert('Document Saved!');
	style={{ flex: 1 }}

For more details and sample code, see the EventListeners.tsx example from the Catalog example project.