Customize Annotation Saving Permissions in React Native

PSPDFKit can write annotations into a PDF under the following conditions:

  • The PDF isn’t password protected. (Note: Some PDFs are protected with an empty password, just to ensure they can’t be modified. PSPDFKit will auto-unlock them but can’t add annotations to them.)

  • The PDF must be in a writable location. Ensure you copy documents to the documents folder to make them writable. You can use a third-party dependency like react-native-fs to accomplish this.

  • The PDF must be valid according to the Adobe PDF specification. Some PDFs are broken but still work somewhat, so PSPDFKit can render the content. If PSPDFKit detects a mismatch in the object tree or is unable to find objects, annotation saving will be stopped, since there would be a risk of damaging the document.

PSPDFKit will save changed, created, or deleted annotations to a document on several occasions. Learn more about these triggers in the auto save guide.