Auto Save Annotations in React Native

PSPDFKit will automatically save changed, created, or deleted annotations to a document on several occasions. In practice, this means that automatic saving will be performed when:

  • The application goes into the background

  • A configuration change occurs (for example, change of device orientation, change of locale, added keyboard)

  • The PSPDFKitView is fully covered by another View

  • The document on the PSPDFKitView is changed

  • A document will be digitally signed

Each time the document is saved, the onDocumentSaved() event is called:

onDocumentSaved={(event) => {
  alert("Document was saved!");

If there were no new changes to save, the event won’t be called.

Disable Automatic Saving

To disable automatic saving, set the disableAutomaticSaving prop to true, like so: