Redaction is the process of removing content from a PDF page. This not only involves obscuring the content, but also removing the data in the document within a specified region.

Redaction is a two-step process:

  • First, redaction annotations are added to the document, marking the content that should be removed.

  • Later, the redactions are applied to the document, removing the content beneath them and the redaction annotations themselves.

What this is means is the actual removal of content happens only after redaction annotations are applied to the document. Before applying them, they can be edited and removed the same as any other annotation.

PSPDFKit Processor allows you to create multiple redaction annotations either by searching for text in a document, matching a preset pattern such as an email address, or matching a regular expression you provide.

Redaction is an additional component that can be added to your license. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in adding this to your license or if you want to provide feedback and feature requests related to your use case.