Deploying PDF Processor to Production


PSPDFKit Processor has been deprecated and replaced by PSPDFKit Document Engine. All PSPDFKit Processor licenses will work as before and be supported until 15 May 2024 (we will contact you about license migration). To start using Document Engine, refer to the migration guide. With Document Engine, you’ll have access to robust new capabilities (read the blog for more information).

For deployment in production, we recommend using Kubernetes or native Docker support by a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. PSPDFKit Processor supports both x86_64- and ARM64-based processors.

Health Checks for Liveness and Readiness Probes

PSPDFKit Processor exposes a health check endpoint for liveness and readiness probes at /healthcheck.

Send GET requests to the Processor container at /healthcheck in the following way:

curl http://localhost:5000/healthcheck