Removing a Tool from the Toolbar in Our MAUI Viewer

PSPDFKit for MAUI comes with a customizable main toolbar that, by default, includes a number of predefined items. You can remove any toolbar item you want using our API.

PSPDFKit is initialized with a default set of items that can be retrieved via MainToolbar.DefaultToolbarItems:

foreach(var item in MainToolbar.DefaultToolbarItems)

To remove any item, first find the item you want to remove from the current toolbar items listed in the main toolbar, MainToolbar.ToolbarItems. Then update MainToolbar.ToolbarItems to remove the item:

// Find the item to remove.
var inkToggleButton = PSPDFKitController.MainToolbar.ToolbarItems.First(
    item => item.GetType() == typeof(InkToggleButton));

// Remove the item.