Hiding the Toolbar in Our PDF Viewer

By modifying the ShowToolbar dependency property, you can easily control when the toolbar should be shown or hidden.

Update this property of PDFView, and the toolbar will be shown when the property is set to true and hidden when set to false.

The following example toggles the ShowToolbar property between both states, so it’ll show it if it’s hidden and hide it if it’s visible:

<!-- MyPage.xaml -->
<pspdfkit:PDFView x:Name="PDFView" Initialized="OnPDFViewInitialized"
                  ShowToolbar="{Binding ShouldShowToolbar}" />

<Button Text="Toggle Toolbar" Clicked="OnToggleToolbarClicked" />
// MyPage.xaml.cs
private void OnToggleToolbarClicked(object sender, EventArgs e)
    PDFView.ShowToolbar = !PDFView.ShowToolbar;