Redact PDF Files in MAUI

Permanently redact content within PDF documents. PSPDFKit for MAUI offers developers a beautiful UI for creating, previewing, and applying redactions, as well as access to robust JavaScript APIs to automate redaction.

These APIs will be translated to native APIs in subsequent releases, so stay tuned for updates.

Key Capabilities

  • Create, preview, apply — Using the UI or programmatically

  • True redaction — Permanently remove content (not just obscure it)

  • Search and redact — For strings, preset patterns, or regex

Redaction Using the UI

  1. Select the content you want to redact.

Select content to redact

  1. Click the redaction icon in the popup menu.

Redaction tool

The content will look like what’s shown below.

Before redaction


You can customize the appearance of the redaction annotation — including changing the color or adding overlay text — from the annotation toolbar.

  1. To redact the content, click the highlighted content and then press Apply Redactions in the annotation toolbar.

Redaction toolbar

After redaction, the content will look like what’s shown below.

Redacted text

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