PDFs to Images in Java

This guide shows how to render an image from a PDF.

Rendering an Image

It’s possible to render images from a PDF on a page-by-page basis using the PdfPage.renderPage method.

Once you have a document instance, the following will open a document and render page 0 with the dimensions of the page:

final PdfDocument document = PdfDocument.open(new FileDataProvider(new File("document.pdf")));
final PdfPage page = document.getPage(0);
final BufferedImage bitmap = page.renderPage();

To scale the image, pass the custom pixel width and height values required:

// Scales the page render to a 500×1000-pixel bitmap.
final BufferedImage bitmap = page.renderPage(500, 1000);

To render all the pages to images and save them as PNGs, loop through the pages like so:

for (int i = 0; i < document.getPageCount(); i++) {
    // Render a thumbnail for each page.
    final PdfPage page = document.getPage(i);
    final BufferedImage bufferedImage = page.renderPage();

    // Write the render out to a PNG.
    final File outputFile = new File("page" + i, ".pdf");
    ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, "png", outputFile);

Saving a Bitmap to a File

renderPage returns a native Java BufferedImage object. Saving it out as a PNG image, for example, would look like this:

final BufferedImage bitmap = page.renderPage();
final File file = new File("out/test.png");
final boolean written = ImageIO.write(bitmap, "png", file);