Integrate Our OCR SDK into a Java Application

This guide discusses the extra packages required to run OCR with the PSPDFKit Java Library and helps you integrate the dependencies into your project. For information on the functionality of OCR, please refer to our OCR Overview guide. If you want to know how to use the OCR classes, please refer to our OCR Usage guide.

Supplementary Package Requirement

The implementation and all supporting files needed to run OCR with the PSPDFKit Java Library are located in a package separate to the main libraries-java package. Therefore, if you require the OCR functionality, an additional package dependency is required.

Using the PSPDFKit Maven Repository

If you have already integrated the PSPDFKit Java Library into your project via the PSPDFKit Maven repository, all that is required is to add an extra dependency:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.pspdfkit:libraries-java-ocr:1.5.0'

As shown above, simply add the new package dependency to your build.gradle file.

Manually Adding the Package

If you can’t use the PSPDFKit Maven repository, it’s still possible to download all the required packages from the PSPDFKit Portal and integrate manually. Please refer to our Manually Integrating the PSPDFKit Java Library integration guide for instructions.