Rendering PDF Pages in Java

Rendering a PDF to an image is made simple with the PSPDFKit Java Library. We leverage the JDK in order to maintain compatibility and stay efficient.

Render a Page

Once you have a document instance, it’s very simple to render a page. The following will open a document and render page 0 with the dimensions of the page:

final File file = new File("document.pdf");
final PdfDocument document = new PdfDocument(new FileDataProvider(file));
final PdfPage page = document.getPage(0);
final BufferedImage image = page.renderPage();

It’s also possible to pass custom dimensions to scale the image:

final BufferedImage image = document.getPage(0).renderPage(50, 50);

Save to File

renderPage returns a native Java BufferedImage object. Saving it out as a PNG image, for example, would look like this:

final File file = new File("out/test.png");
final boolean wrote = ImageIO.write(image, "png", file);