Import or Export PDF Edits in Java

Document Editor operations can be written in JSON and imported using the DocumentEditor.addOperations method. The JSON format is described in detail in the Web API documentation. PSPDFKit Libraries uses the same format.

Operations can be chained up in code. For example, the following removes a page, rotates another page, and adds page labels:

// Create the operations using `JSONObject`s.
JSONObject movePagesJson = new JSONObject();
movePagesJson.put("type", "removePages");
movePagesJson.put("pageIndexes", new int[] {3, 4});
JSONObject rotatePagesJson = new JSONObject();
rotatePagesJson.put("type", "rotatePages");
rotatePagesJson.put("pageIndexes", new int[] {0, 1});
JSONObject addLabelsJson = new JSONObject();
addLabelsJson.put("type", "setPageLabel");
addLabelsJson.put("pageIndexes", new int[] {0});
addLabelsJson.put("pageLabel", "Great page!");

// Pack into a JSON array.
JSONArray operationsArray = new JSONArray();

The same thing can be achieved with a JSON string, either in code or loaded from a file. You can also add a blue page to spice things up a bit:

final String jsonString  = "[  "
            + "{ 'type': 'removePages', 'pageIndexes': [1] }, "
            + "{ 'type': 'rotatePages', 'pageIndexes': [0], 'rotateBy': 90 }, "
            + "{ 'type': 'setPageLabel', 'pageIndexes': [0], 'pageLabel': 'My custom label' }, "
            + "{ 'type': 'addPage', 'afterPageIndex': 0, 'backgroundColor': '#0000FF', 'pageWidth': 50, 'pageHeight': 100 }  ]";
final JSONArray operationsArray = new JSONArray(jsonString);

These are applied using addOperations:

final DocumentEditor documentEditor = pdfDocument.createDocumentEditor();
// Don't forget to save the operations.
final File file = new File("documentEditorOutput.pdf");
documentEditor.saveDocument(new FileDataProvider(file));