System Compatibility

The PSPDFKit Java Library is built to support Java SE 8. To develop with the library, you’ll need to have a compatible development kit installed, which means you’ll require JDK8+.

The JDK can be obtained via multiple sources. The main source is Oracle, but other sources are available — for example, AdoptOpenJDK supplies precompiled binaries for many well-known operating systems.

To take advantage of the already proven C++ PSPDFKit Core, the library has a native element to it. Because there’s a native element, there are strict operating system support requirements.


The native library has been compiled under Windows 10 and will support all Microsoft-supported versions of Windows 10 (version 1703+) and Windows Server 2019 (version 1709+). Currently, the architectures supported are i386 and x64. For more information on Windows release support, please consult the Windows lifecycle fact sheet.


We compiled the native library to support most major Linux distributions. There’s a requirement of at least Glibc 2.28, which ensures compatibility with most major long-term support and other newer distributions. Currently, the architecture supported is x64.


The macOS native binary has been compiled with and will only support Mojave 10.14+.


Only call the PSPDFKit Java Library on a single thread. Multithreaded access causes sporadic errors.