visionOS AR/VR PDF Viewer

PSPDFKit for visionOS includes a high-fidelity PDF rendering engine that’s fast, precise, and feature-rich. It offers developers a way to quickly embed a highly configurable PDF viewer in any Apple Vision Pro application.

PSPDFKit for visionOS’s UI is based on PSPDFKit for iOS’s UI, which adapts well to this new platform by using system components and new UI components, as well as adapting existing components from PSPDFKit for iOS to work well on visionOS. Toolbars — like the navigation bar, annotation toolbar, and thumbnail bar — have been moved into ornaments (floating panels on the sides of windows) to provide better focus on page content. UI elements have a hover state, since this is essential on Vision Pro for easy navigation using your eyes.

Key Capabilities

  • Eye tracking — Navigate documents through eye movements

  • Spatial rendering — View documents in a 3D space

  • Seamless integration — Match your app’s look and feel

  • Image files — Open PDFs, as well as TIFFs, JPGs, and PNGs

  • Extendable — Add annotation, editing, forms, and more

User Interface

Screenshot of the Catalog app running on visionOS with the new main toolbar anchored to the top of the app window.

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