License Troubleshooting | iOS

PSPDFKit for iOS is a commercial SDK and requires a license to work. We issue one license per explicit bundle ID. Contact if you have any questions related to your license.

Bundle ID Mismatch

PSPDFKit Licensing Issue: Your license has been registered for a different bundle identifier: “” - not “”. Each PSPDFKit license is only valid for one explicit bundle ID and one distribution method (Enterprise or public App Store). Please contact sales at with your requirements for a new license. PSPDFKit X.X.X for iOS (XXXXXX)

If you see this message, the bundle ID you registered in the PSPDFKit Portal doesn’t match the bundle ID where PSPDFKit for iOS is used.

To fix this issue, please change your app’s bundle ID in Xcode to match the registered bundle ID, or get in touch with our sales team to obtain a new license.

License Expired

PSPDFKit Licensing Issue: The PSPDFKit binary (PSPDFKit X.X.X for iOS (XXXXXX)) is too new for your license. Your license is valid for binaries compiled until YYYY-MM-DD. (Framework Date: YYYY-MM-DD) Contact with your current license details to extend your support/update period.

This error is displayed if you failed to renew your license or renewed it but didn’t log in to our PSPDFKit Portal to get the new license keys. License keys change upon renewing and need to be updated. The existing ones keep working for old versions, but once you upgrade to a newer SDK, you need the new license key.

Missing Feature

Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘Your license does not include Document Editing.’

If you see this assertion, it’s because you’re using a component that isn’t included in your license.

Please contact sales at to add the missing component to your license.

My License Key Contains Invalid Characters that Are Interpreted as Code Comments

Example: My license key has some invalid characters (\\) that are interpreted as code comments. I’m storing my license key in an external file, and when I add it, the app crashes at startup due to an invalid license key. Fix: Wrap your license key between single (') or double (") quotation marks like so:

PSPDFKIT_KEY = "PQmgAnmE1GsqwrY8nV2Gaq4g9wcg8XDF3p9ymbsw1npPclRg9Wsd3FQZXF2s4OT9BeiKk6g9sutdcy9032sgf8afm432wkq50SrGfi71CDuJCoVdIbF6Zj+BIYeaz38ghlFfydfMOFlfd4H5t0y"

Removed Trial License Requirement

We removed the requirement for a trial license key in version 10.4, so you no longer need to one to try our SDK. This also means that the trial is no longer time restricted.

Please contact us via support if you have an older version of PSPDFKit and can’t upgrade so that we can provide you with an alternate solution.