PSPDFKit 10 Migration Guide

This guide covers updating an iOS project from PSPDFKit 9.5 to PSPDFKit 10. We encourage you to update as soon as possible, in order to take advantage of future new features and fixes.

PSPDFKit 10.0.0 for iOS fully supports iOS 12, 13, and 14. iOS 12 support will be removed later during the PSPDFKit 10 lifecycle. Xcode 12 or later is required to use this version of the SDK. Learn more in our Version Support guide.

XCFramework Integration

In Xcode 12, Apple added automatic support for dSYMs and BCSymbolMaps in XCFrameworks. As a result, the script is no longer required and will be removed in a future update. If you’re using manual integration, you can remove the old strip-framework Run Script from your Build Phases, as shown below.


❗Important: If you’re building for Mac Catalyst and you removed Run Script from your Build Phases, you need to manually delete this script from PSPDFKit.xcframework by running rm PSPDFKit.xcframework/*/PSPDFKit.framework/ Otherwise, the App Store upload will fail with the ITMS-90238: Invalid Signature error.

For more details, please follow our Integrating PSPDFKit Manually guide.