Updates Have Expired

We typically license PSPDFKit on an annual subscription basis that includes access to the latest builds of the framework and our technical support desk while the subscription is active. At the end of the subscription term, the license can either be renewed or canceled.

If you choose to cancel the subscription, the terms of the license agreement state that you’re required to fully remove all files of the SDK from your development environment and ensure that you don’t issue any new sublicenses to new customers. Canceling the subscription doesn’t affect sublicenses you’ve already granted to your customers while the subscription was previously active. If, after 30 days, we’ve noticed you haven’t removed the SDK from your app, we’ll take steps to have the app removed.

If you have an older perpetual license, you may continue using PSPDFKit in your app once your access to updates and support expires. We highly recommend switching over to a subscription license moving forward.

With Apple releasing a major iOS update each year that essentially breaks our framework, the only way to ensure your app continues to work with the latest version of iOS is to have access to our latest build. Furthermore, with our subscription license, you have the guarantee that the price negotiated will not change apart from the yearly adjustment built into the license agreement.

Please understand that we cannot offer you support after your update and support period has ended. Additionally, we don’t sell maintenance and support separately from our licenses or for a percentage of the original fee you paid for the license. If you purchased a perpetual license and you need to update after your support period has ended, we’ll have to renegotiate pricing.

To see what we’ve changed since your last available version, check out the changelog.

To upgrade, please contact sales@pspdfkit.com with the email that’s registered in the PSPDFKit Customer Portal.

This information is based on our default subscription contract. It’s possible that your specific contract has variations, so please check your license agreement.