Customizing the Frame of the Annotation Toolbar

To customize the frame of the annotation toolbar, in your PSPDFViewController subclass, override flexibleToolbarContainerContentRect(_:for:) and return a customized rect. Ask super for the default rect if you want to customize it for only one position or if you want to slightly modify it:

override func flexibleToolbarContainerContentRect(_ container: PSPDFFlexibleToolbarContainer, for position: PSPDFFlexibleToolbarPosition) -> CGRect {
    var rect = super.flexibleToolbarContainerContentRect(container, for: position)
    if position == .positionLeft {
        rect.origin.x += 50
    return rect
- (CGRect)flexibleToolbarContainerContentRect:(nonnull PSPDFFlexibleToolbarContainer *)container forToolbarPosition:(PSPDFFlexibleToolbarPosition)position {
    CGRect rect = [super flexibleToolbarContainerContentRect:container forToolbarPosition:position];
    if (position == PSPDFFlexibleToolbarPositionLeft) {
        rect.origin.x += 50;
    return rect;

For more details about the various ways you can customize the look of the annotation toolbar, refer to our guides on customizing the annotation toolbar and appearance styling.