Adding a Vector Image Annotation From Instant JSON

Q: How do I add a vector image annotation that’s a PDF using Instant JSON?

Vector images should be single page PDFs. These can be embedded in other PDFs as image annotations.

In Instant JSON, the type of these annotations should be pspdfkit/image rather than pspdfkit/stamp. The custom stamp type is for stamps that show custom text but with a predefined style, while images can display any JPEG, PNG or PDF image. (However for compatibility reasons our iOS API does not make this distinction: It models both stamps and images using the PSPDFStampAnnotation class.)

The contentType should be set to application/pdf.

Here’s how to add an annotation with a PDF attachment using Instant JSON. The source image comes from my-custom-graphic.pdf in the app’s bundle.

PSPDFDocument *document = ...
NSData *instantJSONData = [@"{ \"type\": \"pspdfkit/image\", \"bbox\": [100, 100, 200, 200], \"v\": 1, \"pageIndex\": 0, \"opacity\": 1 }" dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
NSData *attachmentData = [NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSBundle.mainBundle URLForResource:@"my-custom-graphic" withExtension:@"pdf"]];

// Create an annotation from Instant JSON data.
NSError *annotationCreationError;
PSPDFAnnotation *imageAnnotation = [PSPDFAnnotation annotationFromInstantJSON:instantJSONData documentProvider:document.documentProviders.firstObject error:&annotationCreationError];
if (!imageAnnotation) {
    // Handle error.

// Create the data container provider using the attachment data.
PSPDFDataContainerProvider *dataContainerProvider = [[PSPDFDataContainerProvider alloc] initWithData:attachmentData];

// Attach the attachment data.
NSError *attachBinaryError;
BOOL success = [imageAnnotation attachBinaryInstantJSONAttachmentFromDataProvider:dataContainerProvider error:&attachBinaryError];
if (!success) {
    // Handle error.

// Add the newly loaded annotation to the document.
[document addAnnotations:@[imageAnnotation] options:nil];

You can read more about this approach in our Instant JSON guide.