PDF Form Field Editor on iOS

PSPDFKit enables you to programmatically edit, add, and remove form fields and form elements in a document.

Renaming Form Fields

Due to internal constraints, form field names can’t be renamed using a PDFFormField or FormElement instance. It is, however, possible to rename them using Processor. See formFieldNameMappings. You can pass in a dictionary containing your source form field name and the new form field name.

As an example, this can be useful if you have a template PDF with form fields that needs to be appended to a different PDF file. Form field names must be unique, and it wouldn’t be possible to append the same template multiple times without changing the names.

Please note that renaming form field names requires the Document Editor component to be enabled for your license.

Removing Form Fields and Form Elements

You can remove any form field or form element from a document using PDFFormParser. Just call either remove(_:) or removeFormFields(_:).