Keyboard Shortcuts in Our iOS Viewer

PSPDFKit offers various keyboard shortcuts that improve the user experience for those using an external keyboard. You can see the available keyboard shortcuts by pressing and holding the Command (⌘) key.

Keyboard Shortcuts Support

Bar Button Item Shortcuts

Bar button items displayed in PSPDFViewController have shortcuts associated with them, and each shortcut simply executes the corresponding item’s action.

Action Shortcut Bar Button Item
Toggle Annotation Toolbar ⌘ ⇧ A annotationButtonItem
Outline ⌘ I outlineButtonItem
Search ⌘ F searchButtonItem
Go Back (Navigation Controller) ⌘ ← (⌘ → for RTL) Pops the current navigation item.
Share ⌘ S activityButtonItem
Email ⌘ M emailButtonItem
Open In ⌘ O openInButtonItem
Print ⌘ P printButtonItem
Cancel esc UIBarButtonSystemItemCancel

Table Navigation

PSPDFKit also supports using the keyboard to navigate a table view.

Action Shortcut
Change Selected Row Arrow keys
Activate Selected Row return
Clear Selection esc

Note that on the Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad, there is no escape key. Instead, escape is mapped to ⌘.

Tabbed Bar

When viewing documents in the tabbed view, PSPDFTabbedViewController, the following shortcuts can be used.

Action Shortcut
Show Next Tab ⌃ tab or ⌘ ]
Show Previous Tab ⌃ ⇧ tab or ⌘ [
Close Current Tab ⌘ W
Close All Tabs ⌘ ⇧ W
Close All Other Tabs ⌘ ⌥ W