Customize the Document Information on iOS

You can pick and choose which document-related information you want to make available to your users by customizing the availableControllerOptions property on the DocumentInfoCoordinator object associated with your PDFViewController instance:

pdfController.documentInfoCoordinator.availableControllerOptions = [.outline, .annotations]
pdfController.documentInfoCoordinator.availableControllerOptions = @[PSPDFDocumentInfoOptionOutline, PSPDFDocumentInfoOptionAnnotations];

The example above would make the document information that’s displayed to the user only show the document outline and the annotations list view controller.

The default value for availableControllerOptions includes all applicable options for the current document. For example, even though the option array would include DocumentInfoOption.annotations, if the document does not contain any annotations, the annotations tab will not be shown to the user.

Refer to the DocumentInfoOption section of our API listings to learn more about the options available.