Customizing Annotation Color Pickers on iOS

There are a couple of places in PSPDFKit that open a color picker to let the user choose, for example, which color an annotation should be drawn in. Whenever possible, PSPDFKit uses the UIKit-provided UIColorPickerViewController, which ensures a consistent user interface across apps and provides a familiar user experience. UIColorPickerViewController provides three different palettes to select custom colors: a color grid, a color spectrum, and RGB sliders. Additionally, an extremely useful eye dropper tool is also available to sample colors from any part of the screen.

Standard UIKit Color Picker

Legacy Color Picker

PSPDFKit uses a legacy color picker in apps built with Mac Catalyst, because the system-provided color picker is limited and offers an inadequate user experience compared to the color picker on iOS.

Customizing the legacy color picker has no effect on the UIKit-provided color picker. The legacy color picker is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Legacy PSPDFKit Color Picker