Generate a PDF from an Image in Flutter

To convert an image to a PDF, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a PdfImagePage object to specify the location of the image and instructions for compression.

  2. Create a NewPage object to specify the page size and the previously created PdfImagePage object.

  3. Call the PspdfkitProcessor.generatePdf() method with the following parameters:

    • A list of NewPage objects.

    • An outputFile parameter specifying the location where to save the generated PDF.

Generate PDFs from Images

The following code demonstrates how to create a PDF from an image:

// Image file from which to generate the PDF.
File img = File('<readable-image-path>');

// File path where the generated PDF will be saved.
String outputPath = '<writable-output-file-path>';

// A list of PDF pages from the image URI.
List<NewPage> pages = [
// Generate a PDF from an image and save it at `[outputPath]`.
var filePath = await PspdfkitProcessor.instance.generatePdf(
    pages, outputPath); // Or `generatePDFFromImage`.

For more information on generating PDF files from HTML strings and URLs, see the PspdfkitProcessor documentation and the PDF Generation Example from the Catalog app.