PSPDFKit Instant Usage on Android

To use Instant for Flutter, use the Pspdfkit.presentInstant() method and parse a server URL and JSON Web Token (JWT) as its parameters. This will load the Instant document from a viewer.

The JWT should contain the following information:

  • Document ID – A unique document identifier that you want to view and collaborate on.

  • User information – The user name, email address, and other relevant details.

  • Permissions – What actions the user is allowed to perform on the document (viewing, annotating, or commenting).

  • Instant layers – Collaborative layers that will be used for the Instant document viewer.

Here’s an example of how to use the Pspdfkit.presentInstant() method in a Flutter app:

import 'package:pspdfkit_flutter/pspdfkit.dart';

// Assume that `serverUrl` and the JWT are already defined.

// Present the Instant document viewer.
await Pspdfkit.presentInstant(
  serverUrl: serverUrl,
  jwt: jwt,

You can also pass additional configurations to the Pspdfkit.presentInstant() method to customize the behavior of the Instant document viewer.