Fill PDF Form Fields Programmatically in Flutter

PSPDFKit for Flutter allows you to fill form fields programmatically. Each form field has a fully qualified name used to identify and retrieve a specific form field object before filling it.

Obtaining the Fully Qualified Name of a Form Field

The example below shows how to obtain the fully qualified name of the first form field on the first page of a document:

dynamic allAnnotations = await pspdfkitWidgetController.getAnnotations(0, 'all');
// Get the fully qualified name for the first form field.
String? formFieldName = (allAnnotations[0]['formFieldName']);

Filling the Value of a Form Field

The example below shows how to fill the value of a form field with a fully qualified name (formFieldName) and two radio buttons with fully qualified names (radioFieldName_0 and radioFieldName_1):


await pspdfkitWidgetController.setFormFieldValue('Dummy Form Field Value', 'formFieldName');

// For radio buttons and checkboxes, use `selected` and `deselected`.
await pspdfkitWidgetController.setFormFieldValue('selected', 'radioFieldName_0');
await pspdfkitWidgetController.setFormFieldValue('deselected', 'radioFieldName_1');