Optimize PDFs Using C#

Optimize the size and structure of 100+ file types in your application using C#. Leverage an industry-leading compression engine that uses adaptive document learning and compression algorithms to significantly reduce the size of your files. Easily integrate a solution that focuses on removing unwanted or unused content, optimizing fonts, image analysis, data compressions, and document linearization. Explore our guides and code samples to learn how you can quickly optimize documents in your workflows.

PSPDFKit SDKs are deployed in some of the world’s most popular applications, such as those made by Autodesk, Disney, DocuSign, Dropbox, IBM, and Lufthansa.

Key Capabilities

  • Compression algorithms — Combines several compression algorithms to improve results

  • Classification algorithm — Utilizes adaptive document learning algorithms to classify content

  • Content removal — Removes redundant, unwanted, or unused objects (blank pages, metadata, etc.)

  • Font optimization — Font data stream compression, font data table reduction, font merging, and more

  • Image optimization — Automatic image recompression and high-quality image downscaling

  • Advanced image compression — Supports MRC, color detection, JBIG2 encoding, and more

  • Linearization — Optimize PDF documents to load faster

Guides for Optimization

Learn how to compress PDFs and images

Hyper-Compress (MRC)
Learn how to hyper-compress PDFs and images