Supported Languages: 100+ OCR Language Dictionaries

The language dictionaries provided within the GdPicture.NET Library installation package are:

ara — (Arabic)
deu — (German)
eng — (English)
fra – (French)
heb — (Hebrew)
ita — (Italian)
nld — (Dutch; Flemish)
por — (Portuguese)
spa — (Spanish; Castilian)
vie — (Vietnamese)

However, the OCR engine isn’t restricted to the languages above; it can recognize many more.

If the language you want to recognize isn’t in the above list, download the language files provided by the Tesseract team. This includes more than 120 languages.

Add the language files to the folder where your OCR dictionaries are already installed.

To obtain language names from language codes, see the Tesseract documentation.

To use previous language data files (without LSTM engine use), download a previous release provided by the Tesseract team.