System Compatibility for .NET Library

This guide provides an overview of system compatibility for GdPicture.NET.


GdPicture.NET assemblies are available for the following frameworks:

  • .NET 6.0

  • .NET 4.6.2

  • .NET Core 3.1

  • COM/ActiveX

Using different GdPicture.NET assemblies, you can deploy the application you build to various operating systems, as outlined in the table below.

GdPicture.NET Assembly Operating Systems Supported for Deployment
.NET 6.0 or newer Linux x64 _
Linux arm64 _
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (x64/x86) or newer
Microsoft Windows Server Core 2012 (x64) or newer
macOS 13
.NET 4.6.2 Microsoft Windows Vista (x64/x86) or newer
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x64/x86) or newer
.NET Core 3.1 Microsoft Windows Vista (x64/x86) or newer
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x64/x86) or newer
COM/ActiveX Microsoft Windows Vista (x64/x86) or newer
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x64/x86) or newer

* The .NET 6.0 assembly on Linux requires GLIBC 2.28 or newer.

All GdPicture.NET versions are compiled using the AnyCPU platform target.

DocuVieware™ can be deployed on a Windows or Linux server. If installing on a Linux server, .NET 6.0 is required, and the glibc library minimum version should be 2.28.

For more information on these frameworks, see the Microsoft documentation.

Cross-Platform Assembly

It’s recommended to use the .NET 6.0 assembly that supports deployment to multiple platforms.

Limitations of the Cross-Platform Assembly

The cross-platform assembly is a subset of GdPicture.NET. It doesn’t include the following functionalities:

  • WinForms and WPF user controls

  • Printing support

  • TWAIN and WIA acquisition support

  • Other minor Windows-specific functionalities

Cross-Platform Types

In the cross-platform assembly, the following Windows-specific types are mapped to new types:

Windows-Specific Type Cross-Platform Type
Color GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPictureColor
PixelFormat GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPicturePixelFormat
RectangleF GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPictureRectangleF
Rectangle GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPictureRectangle
FontStyle GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPictureFontStyle
Point GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPicturePoint
FillMode GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPictureFillMode
InterpolationMode GdPicture14.Imaging.GdPictureInterpolationMode
RotateFlipType GdPicture14.GdPictureRotateFlipType