Supported File Types

GdPicture.NET Library enables you to load, save, and convert the following file types.


File Type Description
PDF Portable Document Format (single-page and multi-page)

Supported versions:
  • PDF 1.0
  • PDF 1.1
  • PDF 1.2
  • PDF 1.3
  • PDF 1.4
  • PDF 1.5
  • PDF 1.6
  • PDF 1.7
  • PDF 2.0
PDF/A Portable Document Format for long-term preservation

Supported versions:
  • PDF/A-1
  • PDF/A-2
  • PDF/A-3
  • PDF/A-4

Microsoft Office

File Type Description
DOC Microsoft Word
DOCM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document
DOCX Microsoft Word OpenXML
DOTX Microsoft Word OpenXML Template
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint OpenXML
PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint OpenXML Slide Show
XLS Microsoft Excel
XLSM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
XLSX Microsoft Excel OpenXML


File Type Description
DXF Drawing eXchange Format


File Type Description
AI Adobe Illustrator (PDF Compatible)
BMP Standard Windows Bitmap
CUR Windows Cursor
CUT Dr. Halo/Dr. Genius Clipboard
DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface
DIB Standard Windows Bitmap
DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
EMF Enhanced Windows Metaformat
EXIF Exchangeable Image Format
G3 Group 3 Raw Fax
GIF Graphics Interchange Format (interlaced and animated)
HDR High Dynamic Range
HEIF/HEIC High Efficiency Image File
ICO Icone Format (single-page and multi-page)
IFF Interchange File Format
J2K, J2C JPEG-2000 Codestream
JB2, JBIG2 Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group
JIF, JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format
JNG JPEG Network Graphics
JP2 JPEG-2000 Format
JPEG, JPG, JPE Joint Photographic Expert Group
LBM Interchange File Format-Interleaved Bitmap
MNG Multiple-image Network Graphics (only the first page)
PBM Portable Bitmap
PBM RAW Portable Bitmap Binary
PCD Kodak Photo-CD File
PCX PC Paintbrush
PFM Portable Float Map
PGM Portable Graymap
PGM RAW Portable Graymap Binary
PJPEG Progressive JPEG
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PNM Portable Any Map
PPM Portable Pixmap
PPM RAW Portable Pixmap Binary
PSD Adobe Photoshop File
RAS Sun Raster
RAW RAW camera image, memory bits
RLE Standard Windows Bitmap
SGI Silicon Graphics Image
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
TIFF, TIF Tagged Image Format (single-page and multi-page)
WBMP, WAP, WBM Wireless Bitmap
WMF Standard Windows Metaformat
WSQ Wavelet Scalar Quantization
XBM X BitMap
XPM X PixMap

RAW Camera Image Formats

File Type Description
3FR Hasselblad Digital Camera
​​ARW Sony Digital Camera
BAY Casio Digital Camera
BMQ NuCore
CAP Phase One Digital Camera
CINE Phantom Software
CR2 Canon Digital Camera
CR3 Canon Digital Camera
CRW Canon Digital Camera
CS1 Capture Shop
DC2 Kodak DC25 Digital Camera
DCR Kodak Digital Camera
DRF Kodak Digital Camera
DSC Kodak Digital Camera
DNG Adobe Digital Negative
ERF Epson Digital Camera
FFF Imacon Digital Camera
HDR Leaf Digital Camera
IA Sinar Digital Camera
IIQ Phase One Digital Camera
KC2 Kodak DCS200 Digital Camera
K25 Kodak DC25 Digital Camera
KDC Kodak Digital Camera
MDC Minolta RD175 Digital Camera
MEF Mamiya Digital Camera
MOS Mamiya Digital Camera
MRW Minolta D Digital Camera
NEF Nikon Digital Camera
NRW Nikon Digital Camera
ORF Olympus Digital Camera
PEF Pentax Digital Camera
PTX Pentax Digital Camera
PXN Logitech Digital Camera
QTK Apple Quicktake 100/150 Digital Camera
RAF Fuji Digital Camera
RAW Panasonic Digital Camera
RDC MAGIX Digital Foto Maker
RW2 Panasonic LX3 Digital Camera
RW1 Leica Digital Camera
RWZ zor Digital Camera
SR2 Sony Digital Camera
SRF Sony Digital Camera
SRW Samsung Digital Camera
STI Sinar Capture Shop


File Type Description
HTM HyperText Markup
HTML HyperText Markup Language


File Type Description
EML Electronic Mail Format
MSG Microsoft Outlook Item


File Type Description
ODT OpenDocument Text
RTF Rich Text Format
TXT Text File