Setting Up Auto Scaling

Auto scaling is a feature offered by some hosting providers that automatically spins up additional servers if a high load is detected. Various cloud hosting platforms have different solutions to this problem.

Setting up auto scaling in your infrastructure is something that’s best discussed with your DevOps team. We cannot provide an example of how to set it up, as the steps are both different for every cloud architecture and highly dependent upon your other application code.

Here’s some general information that’s useful when defining auto scaling settings for PSPDFKit Document Engine:

  • All PSPDFKit Document Engine instances use all the available memory, CPU, and storage by default.

  • We recommend having a managed database, which every major cloud provider offers, to scale PostgreSQL to your use case.

  • You can monitor memory, CPU, and IO with your existing tools and scale them like you would your existing applications. There’s nothing special you need to consider for PSPDFKit.