Deploying on Kubernetes

Kubernetes “is an open source container orchestration engine for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.”

Our recommended way to install Document Engine is via a Helm chart.

For more information, refer to our dedicated guides for setting up Document Engine using Helm and setting up Ingress to make it available.

We also have public examples for setting up a Kubernetes cluster and installing Document Engine.

Getting Kubernetes

There are many ways to set up Kubernetes, both locally and in the cloud. The following sections outline some of them.

Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop on macOS, Windows, and Linux includes Kubernetes.


MicroK8s is a lightweight way to run Kubernetes in Linux, even on a single node.

We have an example showing how to deploy a virtual machine with Ubuntu Linux to AWS, set up microk8s on it, and install Document Engine.

Managed Kubernetes Services

Many public cloud vendors offer Kubernetes services:

We have an example that demonstrates how to set up AWS EKS and deploy Document Engine to it.