Horizontal Scaling

PSPDFKit Document Engine supports horizontal scaling via connecting multiple nodes to your Postgres database.

Whenever you start a new Document Engine node and connect it to your existing database, it’ll register itself with your database, and from then on, it’ll automatically receive and broadcast updates of all the changes made to your documents.


Note that all nodes have to use the same configuration.

If you deploy on Kubernetes using Helm, the number of nodes is set by the /replicaCount value.


The dashboard shows you all of the currently connected nodes, along with their IDs, Document Engine versions, IP addresses, and times of first connection.

PSPDFKit Document Engine Dashboard


Refer to the cache guide for more information on how to improve caching in a Document Engine setup with multiple nodes.


Your license will define the number of nodes that can be used. If you have questions, please contact our Sales team for details.