PSPDFKit 6.6 Migration Guide

This article provides a set of guidelines for migrating from PSPDFKit 6.5 for Android to PSPDFKit 6.6 for Android.

Dependency and Build System Updates

With PSPDFKit 6.6, we updated various build properties and versions.

  • Changed

    The Android Gradle plugin used to build PSPDFKit was updated to version 4.1.1. All sample applications now use Android Gradle plugin 4.1.1 as well.

  • Changed

    org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib was updated to version 1.4.21

Removed Device Year Class Dependency

Device Year Class is a deprecated library from Facebook that analyzes an Android device’s specifications. With PSPDFKit 6.6 for Android, we removed the Device Year Class transitive dependency in favor of a simpler in-house algorithm that works by following similar principles to optimize the default configuration.

❗ Important: Follow the next step only if you manually integrated the PSPDFKit .aar file. If you used Maven/Gradle for integrating PSPDFKit, Device Year Class has already been removed for you.

Inside the dependencies block of your app/build.gradle, remove the following line:

dependencies {
-    implementation 'com.facebook.device.yearclass:yearclass:2.0.0'